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Donate today to raise the EQ of future LAPD officers.

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Donate today to raise the EQ of future LAPD officers.


True Connection has a truly unique opportunity to connect with and positively influence a new partner....The Los Angeles Police Department. Please consider joining our HERO GRANT CHALLENGE to double the impact!

Watch the video below and join our two HEROIC ANGEL DONORS who have provided a GRANT CHALLENGE for you to become a hero too. The Bice Passavant Foundation & V-Star Seafood have teamed up and will match dollar for dollar donations up to $10,000 to reach a grand total of $20,000.


True Connection is dedicated to shaping community leaders by supporting social awareness and emotional intelligence growth. True Connection's innovative HiEQ curriculum merges SEL (Social Emotional Learning), creative arts, guided meditations, critical thinking, leadership, and career ready skills. It helps students build self awareness, manage their emotions, practice de-escalation, effective communication, and problem solving methods. Students also explore mindfulness and meditation, as well as intention and goal setting based on the core values of empathy, respect, and responsibility.

Our team is committed to empowering youth to become compassionate leaders of the next generation by helping them creatively solve problems from a personal to a social level. The support we receive will enable us to continue providing resources for current and future HiEQ partnerships with numerous other schools, community organizations, and institutions.

Plus, right now we have the opportunity to influence a critical institution in the city of Los Angeles and we need your support during our HERO GRANT CHALLENGE to create deep-rooted impact for law enforcement. Together, we can help officers become more aware of their own personal triggers, plus other people's cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs. In turn, they will foster empathy, tolerance, and acceptance within themselves, and beyond into their relationships, career, and daily interactions with the public.


Let's join forces to affect the culture of the LAPD long term by training the Youth Services Officers (YSOs) to teach HiEQ to their Youth Cadets every year until they become officers and our next generation of super hero community leaders!

The LAPD Youth Cadet Program pairs diverse youth with specially trained YSOs who serve as mentors, academic advisers, and adult role models for over 1,400 youth between ages 12 and 17 in the greater Los Angeles area annually. Nearly 60 YSOs have been trained in SEL by True Connection and have learned how to use our HiEQ 8-topic curriculum with their youth in 28 different cadet posts throughout the city.

The principles of SEL have been deeply embraced by the YSOs who in turn will use the HiEQ curriculum to guide students to:

  • Discover their own personal core qualities, values, and beliefs
  • Better understand their emotions, thoughts, feelings, and perceptions
  • Shift from negative to empowered states of being (mentally, physically, and emotionally)
  • Comprehend the emotions of love & fear & understand their effects on the brain and body
  • Listen actively & communicate empathetically
  • Activate critical thinking & creative problem solving
  • Create and execute specific, personal goals & intentions
  • Affirm their purpose in alignment with their core values

Your contribution directly helps the LAPD Youth Cadets develop key emotional intelligence skills including self awareness, emotional management, and interpersonal intelligence. Together, we can empower future officers for years to come, in addition to schools and organizations that are ready to implement HiEQ with their students, parents, and faculty.


Rise to the challenge of our two heroic angel donors who will give a dollar for every dollar you donate. Your generous gift to True Connection will:

  • DOUBLE our ability to reach a specialized community of police officers.
  • DOUBLE the impact on nearly 60 officers in the LAPD.
  • DOUBLE the outreach efforts to a vital, young cohort of HiEQ students who will be better prepared to work within and serve the community for the betterment of all.

*Plus, for every $25 donated, we gift you one HiEQ Guided Meditation. Every donation over $200 will receive 8 Meditations. Meditations will be sent to the email that you provide on our donation form at the end of this campaign.


  • DONATE TODAY. Our donors are the key to success. With your support, we can get to the root of so many issues that modern youth struggle with today and empower them to become the changemakers and community leaders of tomorrow.
  • BECOME A RECURRING DONOR. Our goal is to get at least 10 new monthly donors! Monthly donors give True Connection the sustainability to keep raising the leadership and interpersonal skills that enable our youth to succeed.
  • BECOME AN ANGEL DONOR. Give big and match our angels at $5,000 to join the community that helps keep True Connection growing and thriving.
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  • SHARE. Spread the opportunity to become a superhero to your friends, family, and colleagues by sharing the URL link to this campaign through email and your social media platforms! This is a great way to make a big difference and spread HiEQ far and wide.
  • AMAZON SMILE. You can also register True Connection as your nonprofit of choice at and .5% of all your Amazon purchases go to our 501c3 with zero cost to you.

Your gift to True Connection will make a meaningful difference in so many people's lives, contribute to a lasting connection with the LAPD, and make you a social responsibility SUPERHERO! Thank you in advance to all the angels and TC donors who forward this mission and vision. You are the key to success and spreading true connections.

With love and gratitude,

Your dedicated TC Team